Exercising With Your Partner

by Weight Watchers (Health & Fitness Resource)

Exercising With Your Partner
It's one of those things you always mean to do. 'We must go running together sometime' you both say, as he heads out in his trainers and you turn on the soaps. 'Next time' you sigh, as you kiss him goodbye on your way out to yoga.

There just never seems to be the right time - or is there? Are you really both avoiding the experience, out of embarrassment at the thought of seeing each other at your sweaty best? Or is it because the thought of having to make conversation at the gym when you're gasping for breath leaves you cold?

Either way, it's time to leave those fears behind. It's time to get into the spirit of togetherness - and, who knows, you could enjoy the motivation and company!

Going for a brisk walk with your other half at the end of the day is a great way to unwind, catch up on the day's events and get fit together.

Make sure to vary your route - to satisfy his sense of adventure! - and remember to cater for varying levels of fitness. Try to ensure that your route passes your home, so one of you can make your escape on the first round and the fitter partner can carry on for another lap!

The same applies in going for a jog - although don't expect scintillating conversation as you both struggle to make it over that next hill.

Meeting for a quick dip and a few laps after work will do wonders for your stress levels - and your legs! Take it slowly, meeting up poolside to cool down and have a chat every few laps or so. And there's nothing better than having your partner by your side if you're feeling insecure in your cozzie!

Yoga is another story. Traditionally perceived as a female activity, your partner may balk at joining in your stretching and breathing. However, if you do manage to drag him along, he will enjoy it! It's all down to a fear of the unknown.

For the first experience, find places at the back of the class to make him feel more comfortable. Once he gets a feel for what it's all about, and feels the mental and physical benefits of a cleansing yoga session, he'll soon be looking forward to the experience as much as you do.

This is a great way to exercise together. There are so many different classes and machines to choose from that both of you will be able to work at your own pace in the areas that you're concerned about - then meet up for a celebratory drink at the juice bar afterwards!

Interactive sports are a great way to enjoy exercising together. Playing squash or tennis gives your body a great workout and it's the perfect way to battle out any domestic issues you may be experiencing!

Don't be deterred if the inevitable ego comes to the fore - and after you thrash him on the courts, don't be fooled by his claims of having 'let you win'! Congratulate yourself on a game well played.

Another competitive sport - although not as strenuous as tennis - pool is a fun, sociable way to spend some time with your partner.

However, since most pool tables are located in pubs, make sure not to undo all the good you're achieving by knocking back a few drinks or hitting the chips!

Salsa/ballroom/disco-style dancing
It will take some convincing, but once you've got him to sign up at your local dance school, he'll soon see that there are plenty of men out there enjoying the benefits of the waltz and foxtrot.

However, if you can't persuade him, a trip to your local nightclub with you dressed in your most alluring number will! Drag him away from the bar and get him onto the dancefloor - remember the longer you boogie, the more you'll be able to enjoy a couple of drinks!